Monday, January 5, 2009

Arunachala Nannagaru (Part 2)

A beautiful photo of Sadhguru Sri Nannagaru

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I returned to Arunachala in the month of December just two days after the MahaDeepam. My stay was in Nannagaru Ashram. There was a good crowd still lingering in the ashram despite the conclusion of the Deepam festivities. The main reason though was that Sri Nannagaru was still there in the ashram.

The MahaDeepam would be lit for a few more days on Arunachala peak and I wanted to see it.

I arrived by afternoon in the car and went around Girivallam road capturing some pictures of Arunachala. Then on returning to the ashram I was informed that Sri Nannagaru would be leaving to Ramana Ashram at three in the afternoon.

I went to the ashram with some local friends and found Nannagaru surrounded by devotees. He first went to the Mother shrine and then to Ramana hall. I first tried to see him through the windows of the Hall. A few elder devotees seeing me gestured to me to come nearer and see the master.

"Ramana is Him, He is Ramana. There is no difference" one woman told me. I nodded not knowing what to say.

As the master entered the Ramana shrine, I saw devotees take strategic places around the samadhi so that they can come in line when the master sees them.

I too decided the same and hoped that the Sadhguru would remember me from our meeting in Hyderabad.

And so I stood with bated breath as the great man circumbulated Ramana Samadhi. Finally when he came close to me he looked at me. I watched him and willed him to smile at me. There was no hint of recognition from him. And then he walked past.

I chided myself for having a 'Vivekananda Complex'...that is hoping for the Sadhguru to smile at me and say with love "Where were you all these years my beloved disciple? I have been waiting for you.":)

I decided to meet the master later in the ashram in the evening.

I respectfully saluted him and left the place for a car girivallam.

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