Friday, January 30, 2009

Arunachala Darshan 16

Rama bhaktha Hanuman

Sri Hanuman is the chief devotee of Sri Rama.

He is th harbinger of auspiciousness, peace, courage, devotion and liberation.

On his lips is the great mantra Sri Rama.

He is Chiranjeevi ( Eternal ) and is in the pose of namaskar as he contemplates the beauty of Sri Rama in his mind.

The face of this Sri Rama Bhaktha Hanuman which is suffused with devotion and happiness forms today's Arunachala darshan.

This darshan can be had just before the girivallam road bridges off into chengam road and Bangalore highway.

The Rama Mantra is a very powerful sadhana for anyone who do their daily devotions thinking this form of the Hill.

Sri Rama Bhaktha Hanuman Darshan of Arunachala

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