Monday, January 12, 2009

Arunachala Moonlight


As I was returning from a town a few humdred miles from my city in the darkness of the night with the forest and the moon and the mystical dark silhouttes of the yonder hills, I discovered the Goddess.

She was clothed with the dress of nature. Her saree was sprinkled with fields, her birthmarks the hills, her long tresses of hair were the thick forests and her wonderful forehead decorated with the Moon.

She was playing in the soft rays of the moon in the fields.

She was dancing in the winds of the forest as the leaves rippled with ecstasy of her touch.

She was standing motionless on the hilltops, her form darker than the darkest hills.

She looked at me with a gaze of an infinite moksha...

She smiled at me...calling me...showing me...that life is beautiful when it is like the moonlight in the forest at night.

Solitary. Divine. Beautiful.

Beyond human description,

a desireless, contentful being.

an emotion of supernal existence

next time when we walk through the full moon night, circumbulating Arunachala... let us look at the Moon through the canopy of trees...let us look at Arunachala....the Hill which is verily Ramana, verily the great Goddess...

let us see the dance of the Moon on the soft contours of Arunachala...

and discover the smile of the Goddess,

a smile of an Eternal Silence of unimaginable depth

image courtesy : World Wide Web.

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