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Arunachala Darshan 12

Sanjeevini Darshan

Inspired Darshan

The Ramayana has a story where Lord Hanuman flies to the Himalayas in search of the elusive herb on Mount Dronagiri. The herb, Sanjivini, was the antidote for the unconcious Laxmana.

Here is an account of the same from Wikipedia:

"When Lakshmana is severely wounded by Indrajit during the war against Ravana, Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjivani, a powerful life-restoring herb from the Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas to revive him. Ravana realises that if Lakshmana dies, a distraught Rama would probably give up, and so has his uncle Kalnaimi tempt Hanuman away with luxury. However, Hanuman is tipped off by a crocodile (actually a celestial being under a curse) and kills the Rakshasa. When he is unable to find the specific herb before nightfall, Hanuman again displays his might by lifting the entire Dronagiri mountain and bringing it to the battlefield in Lanka, thus helping others find the herb to revive Lakshmana. An emotional Rama hugs Hanuman, declaring him as dear to him as his own beloved brother Bharat."

Hanuman lifting the Mount Dronagiri with Sanjeevini

The image of the Lord Hanuman lifting Dronagiri is worshipped as a deity which bestows health and good life.

This is the Sanjeevini darshan.

The same darshan is easily seen in Arunachala just before Swami Nityananda ashram.

The darshan has the same power to bestow health and good life to all people who see it like the legendary Sanjeevini herb in the Himalayas.

The Parvathi peak here in this darshan represents Dronagiri. the trees on the peak are representative of Sanjeevini and Arunachala view resembles the face of the great monkey God...Hanuman.

Everyone who comes to Arunachala must try to get this darshan.

This is an original inspired darshan by the will of Arunachala.

The Great Sanjeevini Darshan of Arunachala:

image courtesy : World Wide Web, Wikipedia,

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