Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arunachala Darshan 9

Shiva Sakthi Aikya darshan

The Union of the Shiva and Sakthi

This is a beautiful darshan that one can see from agasthiar ashram.

This vision was one of the most anticipated darshans for me when I first went to Arunachala. I had read about this vision on and was waiting to see it in real life.

When my cousins and I reached the ashram and saw the darshan, Arunachala decided to stunningly show us something more.

A cloud, thin and beautiful suddenly came in front of the Shiva peak and looked like a namam across the forehead.

All of us who saw this darhan were stunned beyond words. We marvelled at the magnificent darshan and took out our binoculars to study the cloud further.

We saw a bird flying amidst the mist of the cloud and felt very blessed.

This is pehaps one of the fondest darshans of Arunachala that I have had the privilege of having.

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  1. once, in october 2005, while walking around Arunachala on its southern side ( where we can see Nandis head as though carved on a slope )i saw a most awesome sight, Shiva Shakti were enveloped in a blanket of cloud - like a shawl, with just the two peaks visible. it was at the time of the cyclone that lashed chennai. Arunachala had a heavy shower of rain the night before, but there was no rain in the morning. it was a wonderfully blessed darshan.