Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arunachala Darshan 14

Arunachala Panchamukha Darshan

This is the darshan of the Hill in the girivallam path where Arunachala presents Himself with five faces.

Eeshana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva and Sadjyojata

Eeshana is the core, the womb of all other energies, this is the Absolute Shiva.

Tatpurusha faces East and represents the emotion Tat Tvam Asi.

Aghora to the south represents the fire of creation, maintainence and destruction.

Vamadeva to the North represents beauty, the arts etc.

Sadyojata to the West represents the power to be.

The five faces of this darshan are also said to represent Parvathi, Vinayaka, Subramanyam, Nandi.

This is a must darshan and helps in financial and spiritual progress.

There is also another panchamukha darshan of Lord Anjaneya which is totally different and will be elaborated in the future.

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