Saturday, August 1, 2009

High Resolution scans of the Hill in the Pacific

Following my post about my discovery of the antipode of Arunachala deep in the Pacific Ocean, this post illustrates the Mountain in question.

It seems to have five peaks with tw valleys and a huge ridge.

The Talest peak appears to be the second one from the West and girivallam appears to be about 60 km.

The place where this Hill is located...the terrain resembles a sitting lion!!!!

I am absolutely certain that this Hill which represents the Goddess has the same power as Arunachala and is a spiritual power centre.

on to the scans!!! for the first time ever in history!

The Hill from the East.

The Hill ( second peak) from the fifth peak. The valley to the west is the larger one among the two valleys.

The Hill in its entirety with the two valleys.

Northwest face.


The red dots represent the girivallam appears to be long...about 60 km and resembles Mt Kailash Parikrama.

The place where the Hill is located resembles a seated lion indicating that the Hill is a power centre of the Goddess.

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