Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adianta Prabhu Darshan of Arunachala!!!

Half Ganesha and half Hanuman Darshan

At Madya Kailas temple Adyar Madras

The idol is an amalgam of Sri Vigneshwara and Sri Anjaneya on the lines of Ardhanareeswara ( Siva and Parvati) and Sri Sankaranarayana (combination of Siva and Narayana).

The word Aadiyantha stands for 'begining to end' (Aadi - begining & Antha - end). There is a Tamil saying 'Begin with Ganesa and end up with Anjaneya'. Many people visit the temple to get blessing of the 'Twins' against the influence of Navagrahas. The importance of the idol is that Sri Vigneswara and Sri Anjaneya are the only two deities who are totally free from any influence over them whatsoever by the Navagrahas. It is believed that, the devotees can and do influence the Navagrahas themselves proportionate to the devoutness with which the devotees address themselves to Sri Aadiyanta Prabhu!


This darshan of Arunachala carries in it the great Ganesha on the right and the powerful Hanuman on the left. A view or darshan of this aspect of Arunachala bestows us with negation of evil influences and ill effects of planets.

It gives us the grace of the All Knowing Auspicious Vigneshwara and also the power of the Lord of Self Enquiry Hanuman.

This is one of the rarest darshans of Arunachala.

This is an original darshan not discussed anywhere previously.

AdiAnta Darshan of Arunachala


  1. The vinayaka dharshans are nice. Could you pls. also share how authentic these Arunachala dharshans are ?

  2. If you do not mind, can you pls. share, how you are mentioning this dharshan corresponds to AdiAnta Darshan of Arunachala ?