Monday, August 24, 2009

Explanation for darshans

Hi following a query regarding the darshan of AdiAnta Prabhu, I am uploading the photo of the Arunachala Hill with the angle showing the clear shapes of Vinayaka to the left and Hanuman to the right.

The Arunachala Vinayaka darshans are darshans of the Hill with the Great Northern Spur. This equates the shape to the 'Elephant' and hence qualifies as a Ganesha Darshan. Other more abstract Ganesha darshans in Arunachala are plenty and will be elaborated in the coming posts. One such previously elaborated darshan is the Karpaga Vinayaka darshan of Arunachala. Kindly refer to archives for that post.

Here is AdiAnta Prabhu.

Here is Vinayaka

and this is Hanuman.

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