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The Antipode of Arunachala!!!

The antipodes refer to land on the opposite side of the world compared to the speaker.

If the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of a point on the Earth’s surface are (θ, φ), then the coordinates of the antipodal point are (θ ± 180°,−φ). This relation holds true whether the Earth is approximated as a perfect sphere or as a reference ellipsoid.

There is a defnite antipode to everything on the surface of the planet.

And there is an antipode of Arunachala!

The Antipode of Arunachala....a hill or mountain in the sea which correlates exactly to the opposite coordinates of Arunachala on Earth.

This is the first time perhaps when any research done by anyone has tried to show the exact coordinates of the sister of Arunachala....a hill bang on the opposite side of the Earth.

To understand more here is some research done into the subject by others:

Reading the following extract from A Sadhu's Reminiscence, by Sadhu Arunachala (Major A. W. Chadwick), it would appear that Bhagavan was quite certain about a corresponding holy hill exactly opposite the globe to Arunachala. Major Chadwick writes:

""He used to say that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth. 'There must,' he said, 'be another mountain corresponding to Arunachala at exactly the opposite side of the globe, the corresponding pole of the axis.' So certain was he of this that one evening he made me fetch an atlas and see if this was not correct. I found, according to the atlas, the exact opposite point came in the sea about a hundred miles off the coast of Peru. He seemed doubtful about this. I pointed out that there might be some island at this spot or a mountain under the sea. It was not until some years after Bhagavan's passing that a visiting Englishman had a tale of a spot, supposed to be a great secret-power centre, in the Andes somewhere in this latitude. Later I found that though a centre had certainly been started, it had failed. Since then I have been told of another person who is practising meditation in solitude in the region of the Andes in Ecuador. So it does appear as though there were some strange attraction about that part of the globe. The earth is not an exact sphere and maps are not so accurate as all that, so we are unable to pin it down to any definite point. It is quite possible that more is going on in that part of the world than we know and this would fit in well with what Bhagavan said. However, I could never discuss the matter with Bhagavan, as it was not until many years after his passing that I had any indication that anything of this sort was happening in those parts. I had many years ago travelled extensively in that country, but had never seen anything which would lead me to think that there might be important spiritual centres there."

Following the thread of Major Chadwick's research, Dr. Ravi Iyer of Virginia writes about his investigation into Machu Picchu, an ancient, sacred mountain in Peru.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi always insisted that the Holy Hill Arunachala was the spiritual axis of the world, even in a physical sense, similar to the geographical North Pole, with a South Pole axis. So strongly did he maintain the view that another holy hill existed on the opposite side of the globe to Arunachala - which was itself remarkable since he normally did not take very rigid positions except on matters concerning the Self and the Heart - that he once made a devotee pull out a world atlas and look for a similar mountain opposite to Arunachala. The only mention we have of this endeavor was that the search indicated a spot on the continental shelf beneath the Pacific Ocean immediately off the coast of Peru. No further effort seems to have been spent after this, though it appears that Bhagavan may not have supported the conclusion of that research, since he seemed convinced that a land-based mountain existed at the other end of this "spiritual axis".

The Latitude/longitude Coordinates of Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai) are: 12n13, 79e04

Recently I came across an article about a place in the high Andean mountains of Peru that is reputed to be a site of great spiritual force, called Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu was discovered by Yale archeologist Hiram Bingham in 1911, and is the site of an ancient Inca temple city. This city appears to have evaded discovery by the marauding armies of the Spanish Conquistadors, yet it represents one of the immense mysteries of the Inca civilization. It appears the Machu Picchu Mountain itself was known as sacred to the Incas from a time before their own civilization, since the Inca's speak of the mountain as the "Ancient One," who preceded the civilization of their ancestors.

There are several striking parallels between the Machu Picchu site and the Shakti culture. The Inca's worshipped Machu Picchu as the manifestation of the Divine Mother Goddess of the Universe. They referred to Her as "Paachamama," a name that bears a striking similarity to the name "Pachaiamman" used for Parvathi in South Indian shrines. [In the early 1900s, the Maharshi spent many months at the Pachaiamman Temple at the foot of the Hill, outside the town of Tiruvannamalai.] The architecture of the temple city was astrologically and astronomically determined. Various points of the city serve as a kind of giant sextant or observatory from where specific constellations and celestial objects can be plotted and observed. A closer look at the topology of the city reveals a striking resemblance to the Sri Chakra, the Meru architectural topology that characterizes Indian Shakti shrines.

On the psychic plane, multiple individuals with siddhic/occult capacities have separately asserted on visiting Machu Picchu that the city is a place where the feminine aspect of the Universe is especially palpable.

Lastly, the Latitude/longitude coordinates of Machu Picchu are: 13s07, 72w34. While the geographical coordinates are not exactly opposite of those of Arunachala, it would be unreasonable to expect it would be exact since the earth is not a precise sphere.

I share this with the general community of Ramana bhaktas as an item of spiritual and historical interest. While ultimately there is nothing but the Self, as long as the manifested world is our framework of reference then we will be confronted by the dual pairs of balancing opposites. There can be no Siva without Shakti, and vice versa."

The URL to the astrodienst web site for latitude - longitude determinations is: http://www.astro.com/cgi/aq.cgi?lang=e
The global coordinates for Tiruvannamalai and Machu Picchu are as follows:

Tiruvannamalai: 12n13, 79e04
Machu Picchu: 13s07, 72w34
If you do a precise reversal of Tiruvannamalai's coordinates you will indeed fall off the coast of Peru. You can confirm this by going to the following website and entering the precise reverse coordinate of Tiruvannamalai: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/vlatlon.html (The site shows a satellite view. Make sure you are viewing earth from a 10 km height).
Regarding information on Machu Picchu, check out:
sacredsites.com Machu Picchu
http://www.he.net/~mine/inca/ [stale as of jun-2009] Machu Picchu Crown Jewel In The Clouds — This site had the Meru like (Sri Chakra architecture of the city)

But in my thought Bhagwan must have been right! There must be a Hill and it is not Machu Pichu.

I went into geohack and punched in the coordinates of Arnachala.

The coordinates of the peak are

12° 14′ 33″ N, 79° 03′ 29″ E

The Antipode is

12° 13′ 12″ S, 100° 55′ 48″ W

It showed the Lattitude and Longitude and also the correct antipode of opposite of Arunachala. It was a point in the Pacific Ocean off Peru.

By Google Earth and its Ocean Mapping Technology I was able to see a Hill correctly corresponding to the said coordinates!!!

Also by studying the terrain I could see that the Hll too must have been formed by volcanic eruptions.

Who knows how many siddhas, celestial beings and power is associated with this Hill. How many celestial beings go around it in complete surrender and girivallam!

I shudder to think what it would be like to be in a ship which is exactly above the great Hill in the depths of the pacific.

This great antipode of Arunachala....the great HILL in the Pacific.

It represents the Divone Mother Goddess...as Arunachala is Shiva.

I am absolutely sure that it does not have a name.

I propose to call it Karunachala! ( The Hill of Grace)

Karunachala! in the Pacific.


  1. superb post. Thank you, sir.


  2. Thank Arunachala for the inspiration Mr. Baskar.

    The blog is just a means.

  3. i have one doubt. according to hindu tradition. arunachala siva appeared as a coloumn of light when earth was created. during the birth of earth arunachala mountain on indian contienental plate.some 4.5 billion years before arunachala mountain was below southern hemisphere and mount machu bicchu on south america much below than today position. all the contienents were joint together as a single plate then how could macchu bicchu and arunachal mountain be on exact opposite side to each other. note: south america was attached to africa on one side --on other side of africa india australia antartica were together with africa. then how can arunachal mount be exactly opposite to the peru mountain. remember arunachala siva appeared when earth was created. above said geographical positions of contienents were there when earth was created.

  4. A valid doubt,

    But please understand Mr Gonzalez, I am not indicating Machu Pichu as the antipode...I am saying that I have found on the OCEAN FLOOR a hill/mountain in the exact coordinates of the antipode of Arunachala. It is about a few hundred miles off peru into the Pacific Ocean.

    And geologically it too is on a fracture zone in the Pacific which might have shifted during the evolution of the Earth. Hence there is every possibiliy that when Arunachala formed in the Indian subcontinent, this Hill which I call Karunachala formed on the opposite coordinates of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago.

    I think it is complimetary to the Pillar of light in the Hindu philosophy...a pillar which has no apex...and no base.

  5. The details you have given is nice. To view more details about thiruvannamalai city and annamalaiyar temple you can visit Annamalayar.com

  6. Namaste, I appreciate your efforts in finding "Karunachala". today after my meditation, i downloaded google Earth and started researching. found out the exact co-ordinates of "Arunachala peak" which comes to 12°14'29.50"N 79° 3'27.43"E and exact opposite point of that is 12°14'29.50"S 100° 56'32.17"W. This place is interestingly falls between TWO MOUNTAINS beneath south pacific ocean. That area immediately gives a impression of a Triangular view (Shakti symbol) due to its typical formation. This is a curious regin - The Triangle - The Shakti - The Mother Karunachala as you named it. I have taken the pictures. i can send it to you if you can provide me your email address.
    Jay Arunachala-Karunachala!!!