Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arunachala Meditation

Mr. Cohen had been cogitating on the nature of the Heart, if the ‘spiritual
heart’ beats; if so, how; or if it does not beat, then how is it to be felt?
M.: This heart is different from the physical heart; beating is the
function of the latter. The former is the seat of spiritual experience.
That is all that can be said of it.
Just as a dynamo supplies motive power to whole systems of lights,
fans, etc., so the original Primal Force supplies energy to the beating
of the heart, respiration, etc.
D.: How is the ‘I-I’ consciousness felt?
M.: As an unbroken awareness of ‘I’. It is simply consciousness.
D.: Can we know it when it dawns?
M.: Yes, as consciousness. You are that even now. There will be no
mistaking it when it is pure.
D.: Why do we have such a place as the ‘Heart’ for meditation?
M.: Because you seek consciousness. Where can you find it? Can you
reach it externally? You have to find it internally. Therefore you are
directed inward. Again the ‘Heart’ is only the seat of consciousness
or the consciousness itself.
D.: On what should we meditate?
M.: Who is the meditator? Ask the question first. Remain as the
meditator. There is no need to meditate.

Talk 205

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

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