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Arunachala Krishna : Darshan 31

Arunachala Krishna

The priest of a temple at Dwaraka, returning from
Aurobindo’s Ashram, visited Bhagavan and asked him in Sanskrit,
“I wish to get sakshatkara of Sri Krishna. What should I do to
get it?” This question was put while Bhagavan was reading a
rather long letter from Lt. Shroff, which his wife had brought.
The letter closed with the sentiment: “Do what you will to me.
Send me health or sickness, riches or poverty.” Bhagavan said
with reference to the priest’s question, “I did not want to disturb
his faith, but wanted to tell him ‘Just leave it to Sri Krishna, —
even this sakshatkara of Krishna.’ And this letter of Shroff
contains the same thing.”
After saying this, Bhagavan added, “What is your idea
of Sri Krishna and what do you mean by sakshatkara?” On
this, the priest replied, “I mean the Sri Krishna who lived in
Brindavan and I want to see him as the Gopis saw him.”
Bhagavan replied, “You see, you think he is a human
being or one with a human form, the son of so and so, etc.,
whereas he himself has said, ‘I am in the Heart of all beings,
I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all forms of
life.’ He must be within you, as within all. He is your Atman
or the atman of your Atman. So if you see this entity or have
sakshatkara of it, you will have sakshatkara of Krishna. Atma
Sakshatkara and sakshatkara of Krishna cannot be different.
However, to go your own way, surrender completely to Krishna
and leave it to Him to grant the sakshatkara you want.”

Talks 27-4-46 Morning

Arunachala is Sri Krishna...the Atman of the Atman.

The darshan of Sri Krishna who sported as a cowherd boy of Vrindavan aeons ago can be easily had by anyone who gazes at the Hill.

The darshan is amplified on full moon nights which represent Sri Krishna playing his flute enchanting the cows and people of Vrindavan.

Here is one such Arunachala Sri Krishna Darshan in a magnificent photograph taken by Mr Dev Gogoi

photo courtesy: Dev Gogoi, source: World Wide Web

Om Namo Bhagwathe Vasudevaaya!

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