Monday, March 9, 2009

Arunachala Seer


Let us try to analyse and understand what Arunachala is with the help of these images.

This first image shows the Mind/ Ego representing a prism which scatters the single ray of light to myriad beams which form the World that we see.

The Waking/ Dream/ Deep Sleep.

The ray of light is from the Self/Arunachala which will be unveiled shortly.

The second image shows us how the scaterred light forms the myriad forms of the waking state.

It is characterized by a larger outgoing tendency of the mind hence is perceived longer.

What exists is the Mind, Ego, the state of Waking and Arunachala in this state.

The third image shows the Dream state where the outgoing tendency is much shorter and hence the dream worlds are much hazy and shorter than the waking state.

Bhagwan has characteristically stated that there is no difference in both the waking and the dream states except that one is longer.

The fourth state is the Deep Sleep Stage where there is no world that is created by the Mind but the 'Mind' exists!

It is a temporary state of mental calmness which is one of the most happiest experiences for a human being...because he doesnt have any thoughts.

But this state too is not the ultimate state for it has not unveiled Arunachala.

The fifthe image shows the Act of Self Enquiry where the Mind is inturned and
enquires to its own nature.

In this state there is an Awareness of the false Ego, the Prism ( false because it is not Arunachala).

An aspirant who reaches this stage understands that there really was no world, no waking, dream or deep sleep states. Moreover he begins to realize that his Mind too is of ephemeral nature and is not Arunachala.

When Enquiry reaches its final stage, the Mind is destroyed by its own inwardness and what exists cannot be described.


An aspirant who reaches this stage understands that Arunachala was the substratum all along ( blue background).

Moreover he realizes that the Mind, the world, the waking, dream, deep sleep states have risen from Arunachala and have dissolved in Arunachala.

Everything is Arunachala, Arunachala is everything.

Who can ever find Thee? The eye of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Arunachala!

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