Sunday, December 28, 2008

Arunachala Darshan 5

Narasimha Darshan

This is also a personal finding. It was discovered by my brother-in-law

It was the first time when I went to Arunachala on Nov 23rd 2008 that my brother-in-law pointed out to me that the Hill resembled the ManLion incarnation of Vishnu known as Lord Narasimha. Incidentally my brother-in-law's name too is Narsimha.

As we cross Adi Annamalai temple and walk towards Ramana bridge we come across the Elephant shaped Arunachala slowing turning into a pointed peak with the Northern Spur coming in line with the main peak. This darshan we will discuss later.

Before the two peaks come in line the main peak of Arunachala looks like a Lion face.

It is my imagination that from here the Hill looks like Narasimha with the smaller peak symbolizing prahlada.

A beautiful darshan.

Do try to get it when you are there next time.

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