Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Arunachala Darshan 3

Éru Pancha Muka Darshan

Peeping Shiva Darshan

This darshan according to agasthiar ashram is called Eru Pancha Muka Darshan. It is a darshan which destroys sins commited under duress.

Many of the darshans that I am going to outline in the various posts over the days are inspired both from the Agasthiar lineage and also from personal experience.

The usual sanskrit or tamil names of darshans indicate what agasthiar ashram names these darshans as.

The English heading is what I feel the darshan to be. Being an artist I felt I should also pen down my feelings of various darshans of the Arunachala Hill.

In the two previous posts, the Maya darshan is my own way of looking at the Mountain whereas the darshan from Seshadri Ashram is borrowed from agasthiar ashram.

I feel this darshan of the Hill from Ramanaashram is "The Peeping Shiva Darshan".

Here Shiva appears to me to be the Lord who is playing Hide and Seek with us and hence peeps out from his abode beyond the foothills of Arunachala. One who sees the Lord peeping from the summit of the foothills is blessed with emancipation from sins...obviously.

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