Friday, December 26, 2008

Arunachala Darshan 4

Eyes of Ganapathy darshan

This darshan is a personal finding and hence close to my heart.

If you see Arunachala once you cross Ramanaashram and before the road bridges to Bangalore you will be able to see the eyes of the Lord Ganapathi looking at you!!!

Indulge my perception for a moment.

Study the photograph of Arunachala uploaded with this darshan.

Now look at the peak.

Just below the peak on either side you will see two human eyes looking at you and the terrain between them bridge off into a trunk!

It looks like Vinayaka with a crown is looking at you with yogic eyes.

It is a very very stunning darshan and a personal finding which you can easily see in every photo or even live capture of Arunachala in this segment.

On analysing the image or the Hill you realize that the 'eyes' of Ganesha are made up by two groupings of trees with boulders on either side.

The right eye is made of trees and a sloping rock

and the left eye of a small grouping of trees and some boulders

and the Hill between these form the trunk.

try to understand and get this Arunachala Darshan...I feel it is very very powerful.

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