Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arunachala Darshan 2

Thejho Mukha Darshan

Emerging Shiva Darshan

This is the darshan of the Hill from Seshadri Swamigal ashram. If one looks at the hill from here one attains clarity of thought and strength in purpose. These emotions lead to further benifits of improving social relations and hence improves both materialistic and spiritual goals.

If one analyses the darshan from here one can see that the Hill is emerging slowly from the backdrop of various other smaller hills filled with strewn stones and shrubs.

The immediate vicinity of the darshan with these other hills is chaotic,muddled but the distant vision of the rising hill is calm, majestic and sovereign.

It holds a promise of power and glory soon to manifest.( The logical conlusion of this vision is the one the hill manifests in Ramana Ashram which will be discussed in the next post)

This is an absolutely stunning view of the hill and hence accelartes the mind to attain the various virtues discussed previously.

I personally look at this darshan as the Emerging Shiva Darshan. It looks to me that the Lord has had a good sleep and is now emerging from supine position to the reclining position. Just my thoughts...

The darshan of the Hill from Seshadri Ashram

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