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Arunachala Darshan: Lord of Palani

This Arunachala darshan was indicated by

This is a darshan which is equivalent to the darshan of the Lord of Palani, Murugan.

Here is a brief history of Palani from

"Once upon a time Saint Naradhar visited Lord Shiva and Sakthi at Kailash. Saint Naradhar is well known for his divine plays. He gave a Mango fruit to Shiva and told that it is fruit of Wisdom. Lord Ganesh and Lord Murugan the two children of Lord Shiva and Sakthi wanted the fruit fully for themself, they are not ready to share the fruit. Then it was decided that who first completes circumventing the Earth will take the fruit. Lord Murugan using his peacock started his journey and took the challenge. Lord Ganesh assumed that his father and mother are equivalent to Earth itself and circumventing them is equivalent to circumventing the Earth and he won the challenge and got the Mango fruit or fruit of Wisdom. On knowing the reason how his brother Lord Ganesh got the fruit, Lord Murugan was is temper and sacrificed everything even his clothes and went to Palani. Then Lord Shiva and Sakthi came to Palani and convinced Lord Muruga as he himself is a fruit of wisdom ( Palam Ni ), since then the place were Lord Murugan stood is known as Palam Ni or Palani."

Here is another interesting account

"Bogar is a Siddhar, he is considered as one of the 18 siddhars born in the world. According to epigraphical sources and his book Bogar Seven thousand his period is around 3000 B.C. Bogar born at India and visited China in search of truth of life, he gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spritiuality, yoga etc.
Bogar anticipating that in due course of period, human beings will suffer from large number of disease. As an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicine, mixing these 9 poisons into one needs great knowledege and skill, to make a Master Medicine ( One medicine to cure all disease ). Thirumoolar also discuss one such Master Medicine in his book Thiru Mandiram. With the consultation of Agasthiar ( Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) and other siddhars Bogar mixed the 9 poisons ( Nava Bashanam ) and made the Master Medicine in the form of Lord Murugan which is currently worshiped at Palani Murugan temple. There is a place near Palani Hill called Thanasiappan Temple which is the place were Bogar mixed the Nava Bashanam and made the Murugan idol.

Bogar and others then decided that by using the milk and panchamirtham ( a sweet recipe ) poured on the idol, one can extract the medicine from the idol. The milk and panchamritham then becomes medicine to cure disease. After installing Lord Murugan Navabashana idol at the Palani Hill, Bogar used to worship it with milk abishegam ( pouring milk on the idol ) and panchamirtha abishegam ( pouring panchamirtham on the idol ).
His disciple Pulipani siddhar then took over the job of Lord Murugan pooja after Bogar went into Nirvigalpa Samadhi - the highest samadhi stage; where the Mind dissolves with Matter and Energy. Bogar Samadhi is inside Palani Murugan temple at Palani Hill. Actually Bogar himself constructed his samadhi exactly under the Lord Murugan Navabasha idol and went into Nirvigalpa Samadhi there. The entrance to his samadhi is a cave like structure, now also worship for this great siddhar is conducted at this entrance where he is last seen by his disciples which is at the Palani temple. "

The Lord of Palani cures all ills.

This darshan of Arunachala too cures all ills.

This is the magnificent Lord of Palani darshan of Arunachala


  1. Can you pls. tell me how you are saying this view of arunachala is Lord of Palani darshan of Arunachala ?
    Or in general how these views are identified and mapped to deities ?


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  2. Hi you are right. I was introduced to the concept of multiple darshans of Arunachala through Agasthiar website. The Lord of Palani darshan too is inspired from their website. But in the 40 odd darshans that I have spoken of the Hill till now only about ten of them are from agasthiar website which I have discussed in previous posts. Most of the rest and especially the most POWERFUL DARSHAN OF THE FIVE FACED HANUMAN is an original darshan not recorded elsewhere to my knowledge.

  3. can u explain why did bogar worshipped lord muruga instead of lord shiva? why can,t He create navapasana lingam instead of murugan idol? please explain

  4. please explain why did Bogar create a idol of palani murugan instead of His divine lord shiva? why did Bogar worshipped lord muruga instead of lord shiva ? please explain

  5. I am sorry I really dont know,. If you do please do tell me.