Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arunachala Nannagaru (Part 3)

I met the great man in his chambers that evening after returning from pradakshina (by car).

I was introduced to him by a common friend and the saint smiled and asked me to come in.

He asked me to sit beside him and enquired about my well being and my profession. Knowing that I was a practising joint replacement surgeon at a young age he expressed surprise and joy.

"Are you happy then with your life?" he asked

I did not know what to say but blurted out a 'yes'. His question was more of a prod for me to introspect rather than a question searching for superficial confirmation.

He looked at me.

His eyes were reputed to be piercing, purifying.

But as I gazed into his eyes I felt a different emotion. I could see a little surprise, a little enquiry and a little mirth in them. I could also see changes in them due to old age.

What was he seeing in me? Was he seeing in me all the sins I had ever commited? All the people I have cheated? All the people I have lied to?

What was he seeing in me?

The very thought was scary.

Finally the saint smiled at me.

And in that moment I knew that, despite my sins, my shortomings, I had been accepted.

"Manasa Bhajore guru charanam, dusthare bavasaagara taranam.

Guru Maharaj, Guru Jai Jai. Sri Sadhguru Nannagaru Jai Jai."

( O mind chant the glories of the Guru's feet, they take you across the ocean of phenomenal existence, the Guru is Emperor, Victory to the guru, victory to Sri Nannagaru."

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