Friday, February 6, 2009

Arunachala Darshan 21

This is Arunachala Nannagaru.

He is a master from Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

He is a very sweet man brimming with love.

It is said that at Arunachala there is always a great soul.

When I see Nannagaru, when I hear him and especially when I feel his SILENCE...I know that the power of Arunachala is manifesting through him.

I have met him, talked with him and sat next to him.

And all I can say is he is Love, Love and full of Love.

His devotees swear that they can see his face in the Mount Arunachala.

I am not that lucky and hope to, by his grace, appreciate his unique darshan in the great Hill someday.

The Darshan of Arunachala from Nannagaru ashram.


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