Monday, August 9, 2010

A beautiful site on Sadguru Sri Nannagaru

Hi all,

Greeshma Myneni, a very devoted and beloved disciple of Sadguru Nannagaru has started an excellent website dedicated to him.

She encourages everyone to share their experiences about the great man in the website.

please visit

Guru Bless you Greeshmaji for this excellent and beautiful endeavor.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To Look at Arunachala...

One of the methods of Sadhana that Nannagaru emphasizes is watching Arunachala.

You have to just sit and watch the Hill.

Watching the Hill is sadhana for it is Surrender...we Surrender to the Hill's will.

No waves of the Mind...only Arunachala...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My encounters with Nannagaru ( Guru meeting in May end)

I went to meet Sri Nannagaru today knowing that the great man was in my city. The moment I thought of meeting him today...everything was perfect.

My driver arrived on time, there was no power cut, and I got ready within minutes.

The view outside the car too seemed too perfect. I had to cover nearly 12 km of distance in morning traffic and I knew it would take me about half an hour or so. I decided to watch the scenes outside to while away the time.

Everything was perfect.

Schoolgirls with white ribbons and long plaits, the traffic constable with a rayban replica cooling glasses, the peasant carrying a bundle of coconut leaves, commuters waiting for the bus at the bus stop, a youth indulging in helmetless bike driving, two shy lovers hiding from all sitting under a tree shade in a small park...the boy talking excitedly and the girl listening shyly, the vendor with the mangoes for sale, a govt building walls plastered with 'do not pass urine here' :), cars trying to overtake from the wrong side....everything...everything looked perfect.

Today was a day when everything was left uncared analysis...only something that needed to be seen and loved...from sheer ugliness to enchanting beauty...everything was the same...


Reaching the house where the saint was staying I bought some apples for him and took the lift up to the fifth floor.

there were already a hundred people trying to catch a glimpse of him and trying to get in the small flat that the saint usually stays in.

I was ushered in by his trusted lieutenant whose wife is a patient of mine and made to sit on a sofa as the saint ate his breakfast.

Finishing breakfast the saint looked at me and smiled. He introduced me to the crowd and asked me to come and sit next to him. I refused and tried to sit down. He vehemently opposed this and made me sit next to him.

He inquired about my professional life and family. I answered.

He looked at the fruits I bought for him.

"You have brought a lot of fruits" he said.

I nodded shyly.

"Do you read any other books apart from your subject books?" he asked.

I replied that I read Sri Ramakrishna's books a lot.

He nodded.

"Do you think there is a difference between Sri Ramakrishna's teachings and Bhagwan Ramana's teachings?" he asked.

I shook my head "No"

He smiled and said " Ramakrishna delved into all aspects of Advaita, Dvaita, and other forms of philosophy more than Ramana. Bhagwan was more Advaita oriented." He said.

I nodded again. It seemed to echo an inner feeling of mine.

I looked at him and said " Sri Ramakrishna and You are One. I consider you as God."

There was an instant ripple of joy across the crowd surrounding us.

The saint gave a slight pause as a divine smile played on his features and he looked like Grace Personified.

The Divine glow persisted for a few seconds and then it was gone.

He extended his palms and patted my cheeks.

In another meeting I had said to him

"I worship you as God. I know no other. You are my Sri Ramakrishna."

He had smiled and said

"Protect that feeling of yours and cherish it throughout life." He said. " That one thing is enough...that one thing is enough."

His hands raised in a mudra of blessing as I bowed low before him

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why should we love everyone equally?

"Why should we love everyone equally?" Buddha was asked. He replied " Because in the billions of lives that we have had...everyone in some form or some time or another...have been dear to us."

Golf with Jesus

One day, Jesus, Moses and an older gentleman were playing golf. The hole was a short Par-3, with a small pond right in the center. Moses walks up first, pulls out an 8-iron, and swings. The ball looks short, and is about to hit the water when Moses suddenly thrusts his arms out to both sides. The water in the pond parts, and the ball rolls along the bottom of the pond, up on the green, and eventually comes to rest about 6 inches from the pin.

Jesus takes the next shot, pulls out his 9-iron and swings. Again, the ball looks short, and looks like its going to hit the water as well. But instead, the ball bounces off the surface of the water, rolls along the top of the pond, on to the green, and stops about 3 inches from Moses's ball.

The older man is up next. He walks to the tee, pulls out his pitching wedge and takes half a swing. The ball slices sharply to the right, hits a tree and bounces left. It bounces off the second tree, and goes right in the pond with a resounding plop. In the pond, a fish swims by and picks up the ball as its sinking in the pond, and swims it to the surface. Just as the fish comes to the top of the pond, a bird flies by and plucks the fish out of the water. The bird flies around the green with the fish (still holding the ball) about 3 or 4 times, when he swoops down toward the green. And just before the bird hits the green, the fish drops the ball right in the hole. Jesus and Moses look astonished for a few moments, until Moses gets angry, and throws down his clubs. He gives Jesus a dirty look, and exclaims "That's it! I'm NEVER playing golf with your dad again!"

The Will of God is Everything. It can surpass infinite obstacles,make yea into nay and nay into yea.

Everything is in His will.


Om Arunachala Namaha

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Lord of Arunachala

He is Sri Nannagaru. The Lord of Arunachala. The Hill in human form. My guru and refuge.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Arunachala Kalpataru

More than a hundred years ago Sri Ramakrishna manifested His Godhead today and bestowed boons on his devotees. He gave them whatever they asked for. Today is celebrated as Kalpataru Day by all His devotees. Wish you a happy Kalpataru Day. May all your wishes be fulfilled.