Sunday, November 29, 2009

Arunachala Jagannath...the Lord of Puri.

Arunachala Jagannath Darshan.

This is a very beautiful darshan. Here the Hill Arunachala comes to us in the form of Jagannath...the deity of Puri.

Also for close observers of spiritual literature and belief it would be clear that Arunachala Hill is Lord Jagannath Himself.

There is a common point of intersection.

Lord Jagannath stands by Himself bereft of the company of Radha who is absolutely essential for a Krishna idol. Instead He is seen in Puri with His sister Subhadra and brother Balaram.


The answer lies in the caption describing Puri:

It is a vipralamba kshetra...or literally the place of Seperation.

Here Lord Jagannath is in external seperation from Radha. He is crying with wide eyes because of seperation from Radha. Radha is not with Him...She must be somewhere else.

But if it is so...where is Radha.

The answer lies in the fact that though seperated externally Radha is forever united internally with Krishna.

Puri Jagannath thus symbolises Union in seperation.

The smile of Jagannath symbolizes the happiness of Jagannath from internal union with Radha.

The Female Power is in Eternal Union with the Male Principle.

Arunachala too is of the same nature as with Bhagwan's assertion. Once while explaining the greatness of Arunachala Bhagwan explains to a devotee that in Arunachala, Shakthi lies in eternal Union with Arunachala and hence the Hill lies as if unmoved.

From the above words of Bhagwan we can easily see that Arunachala is Puri Jagannath and Puri Jagannath is Arunachala.

Also like Arunachala's Ardha Nareeshwara, Jagnnath is worshipped as Ardha Lakshmi Narayana.

This is the darshan of Arunachala as Puri Jagannath.

Whosoever sees Arunachala...sees Jagannath...whosoever sees Jagannath sees Arunachala.


This darshan is also same as Ram Bhakth Hanuman darshan where Hanuman too looses the Conciousness of His Self while thinking of Rama.

An extremely POWERFUL darshan of Arunachala which when meditated upon unites the soul with the Supersoul through the path of Ecstatic Devotion.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the power of meditating on Arunachala, seeing jagannath in the definitive golden hill knowing that the two are the same, and inviting this supreme aspect into the law of Cow Protection. Hare krishna.