Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arunachala Right Heart

Bhagwan answers Poonjaji

When I entered the hall in the afternoon Bhagavan was
already explaining in answer to some questions put by Mr. Poonja,
a Punjabi:
“I ask you to see where the ‘I’ arises in your body, but it is
really not quite correct to say that the ‘I’ rises from and merges
in the heart in the right side of the chest. The heart is another
name for the Reality and it is neither inside nor outside the
body; there can be no in or out for it, since it alone is. I do not
mean by ‘heart’ any physiological organ or any plexus of nerves
or anything like that, but so long as one identifies oneself with
the body and thinks he is in the body he is advised to see where
in the body the ‘I’-thought rises and merges again. It must be
the heart at the right side of the chest since every man, of
whatever race and religion and in whatever language he may
be saying ‘I’, points to the right side of the chest to indicate
himself. This is so all over the world, so that must be the place.
And by keenly watching the daily emergence of the ‘I’-thought
on waking and its subsiding in sleep, one can see that it is in the
heart on the right side.”

23-5-46; Day By Day

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